We finally rounded up and tested out sufficient realtracks to put together a Western (or Texas) swing tune. I originally found this old public domain song on a 78 record many years ago and it sorta stuck with me. We tweaked the lyrics a bit and Janice worked the melody to her liking.

A bit of background. We both had the privilege of playing and recording (the three of us released a CD) for many years with our dear friend the great fiddler, Randy Howard. Randy who passed away at age 39 in 1999, was a 12 time National Fiddle champion and was grammy nominated. He was also a great guitar flat picker, mandolin picker and given half a chance a good banjo player. His CD “Survival of the Fiddlist” is an astonishing piece of work. Randy played on many studio albums including Garth Brook’s “Seven.” Chet Atkins once said that Randy was the only musician he’d pay to go see!

Randy just loved this style of playing and as a tribute to him I did my best to piece together, some times measure by measure, Realtrack fiddle and mandolin solos that at least hint at how he might have played it -- and that would be wild. RIP Buddy.

Instruments: All Realtracks
Vocal: Blue USB mic
Mixing/Effects: Garageband

Thanks for listening! critiques are welcomed.

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