I'm proud to announce my first Band In A Box song, "Valentine Waltz". Inspired by my wife and Valentine's Day I worked on this for her.


Key = F. Tempo = 90 BPM. Style = _CFPBTSW Slow Country Waltz 2 Fingerpick Guitars (85RS)

Instruments =

1121 Bass, Acoustic Country Waltz SW 085
1126 Pedal Steel, Rhythm Country Waltz SW 085
Real Drums = NashClassicWaltz SW^1-HHsdSt,RdSn
2053 Guitar, Acoustic Fingerpicking
0822 Guitar, Acoustic Fingerpicking,Country Waltz Sw
0831 Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment Pop

No editing has been performed at this point so the click track still exists. I also plan to add three solo tracks.
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