This song was my third one I did with BiaB last year.
Now I have made a remix.
The lyrics only consist of the word "Du" which means "you" in English.
Sometimes you don't need more than one word to say what you think.
I wanted to use Vocaloid Gumi as harmonies. But it (she?) couldn't say "doo" and
always said "dee". So I tried Vocaloid Avanna and the pronunciation is perfect.
The male voice is made of twelve samples of my own voice.
Here are the RealTracks I used:
366:Bass,El,Rhy,Country Ev65
688:Orgel,B3,Bg Pop Ev65
841:Git,El,Ry,PopBldSlGrt Ev65
Real Drums: NashvilleEven 16'
1542:Pno.Ak.Rh.PWSlo 16th Ev 1665
1643:Sax T.Solo.JzFunkBrzyEv 75Blz