Janice and I attempted to create a TexMex or "border" sound with this tune that we wrote last week. We like what some of the alt country Texas artists do with this genre and started considering what RealTracks could create TexMex sound. RealTrack wise it took some genre bending and, obviously, for those who have listened to our previous renderings, it's an experimental sound for us old blues and bluegrass folks.

And a BIG shout out to Floyd Jane for both providing advice on the mix and singing harmony!

Thanks for listening.

Janice: Lead and harmony vocal
Floyd Jane: harmony vocal
Bass: RealTrack 1817 Son Montuno
Guitar: RealTrack 1175 Calypso
Drums/Percussion: RealDrums TexMex Country
Accordion: RealTrack 1292 TexMex
Mandolin: RealTrack 1609 Pop
Resophonic Guitar: RealTrack 2040 Country
Fiddle: RealTrack 1877 Country

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