CHALLENGE TO SINGERS: I think this tune deserves good lyrics, a title that fits, and a good voice. In this Forum we got plenty o' those (you know the usual suspects). Who among you is gonna do it? Note that the bridge , where the melody becomes complex and improvised (1:10-1:25), omits the vocal part and remains instrumental.

On the other hand, you may feel that this is a stand-alone tune in no need of lyrics. All comments welcome, especially the unvarnished ones.

In this post, the focus is on RT artist trumpeter Ron King, who takes a completely convincing solo on unintuitive changes. You'll understand Ron's ability better when you visit his website:

The guy is technically all over the place on the horn and represents a real coup for PG Music.

Aleck Rand composed and arranged, plays bass and electric 12 string guitar. Jeff Lorber (electric piano) and Franklin (Third) Richardson (drums) fill out the RT artist list.

Listen to On Luna Street here:

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