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"One thing..... I don't like fades.... it's a cop out.... work out the ending."

I really appreciate the sage advice. Maybe you could give me some more tips on songwriting? I'm sort of new at it.



as far as song writing tips.... The best one I can give is to join the Nashville Songwriters Association. Ignore the fact that the name indicates country music.... they have people on staff who represent rock and other genres as well.

There is a yearly membership fee, however, you get so much in return. You get access to their video library where there are well over 120 different seminars, all conducted by people who know the topic from personal experience on every possible aspect of the biz from the biz side to the creative lyric and melody side. You also get 12 annual in depth song critiques for the level of song writer you are.... beginner to advanced. And you have a one on one phone-call or in person mentoring session to discuss, in great depth and detail, any aspect of songwriting and or specific songs with someone from the NSAI organization.

Being a member will help you make better progress than simply writing songs in your room. A songwriter is generally not born that way. While some folks do have a natural talent for writing good songs, most people have to learn the art and develop the skills to write well. NSAI is one of the organizations I have been a member of, and the advice they have given has been good.

Then of course, you must write, and write, and write.

At a songwriter's convention back in 2009, I had a chance to meet Jason Blume and Jeffery Steele. Blume walks around with a digital recorder to grab and save ideas. Steel goes into his studio in his home and has a goal of writing one song a day. Of course, most of us do not have the time to do that, but setting a goal to write 2 songs a month minimum would be a good and reasonable goal. Don't fret if you miss writing.... I set that very goal and by years end had written over 30 songs. Of course it's not about quantity.... but by working on quantity, you will come up with a few quality songs from the bunch. That's what makes it worth doing. The more you write, the more the creative juices will flow, and with a bit of education, you start to write better songs.

Hope that helps.

and as far as the fades.... BB has 2 and 4 measure endings. if the ending in the ending in the style you chose doesn't work well.... select a similar but different style and see how it handles the ending.

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