The Heartache Line

"Grab three chords and hang on" This was the way we used to introduce a song like this back in our bluegrass band days.

After posting mostly blues songs over the past few months we decided to revisit our bluegrass roots by writing this tune. The intent was to create a basic, fast, simple, hard driving bluegrass song with lyrics that felt traditional. We worked it up with Janice playing rhythm and me upright bass in order to get a tempo that would be about the speed of the fastest stuff we used to play. We were at the mercy of our talented and lightening fast banjo picker.

For the uninitiated and those who detest bluegrass you might need the benefit of a Bluegrass Exposure support group afterwards. Check your local listing for time and dates of the meetings.

A big thanks to Floyd for the harmony vocal. And thank you for taking the time to listen.

Vocal: Lead and High Harmony Janice - Rodes NT1 interfaced via Blue icicle to iMac.
Vocal: Low Harmony Floyd Jane
Bass 427, Banjo R 426, Banjo S 433, Fiddle R 428, Fiddle S 434, Mandolin R 432
Mandolin S 436, Guitar R 431, Guitar S 435

All RealTracks were ported to GarageBand via BIAB's interface. All effects and mixing were done
in the DAW. Each solo track is cut and spliced from multiple RealTrack generations.

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