Hey Eddie!
Glad to see you posting again (both musically and also in the discussion forum)

lots to say on this one:

1) first of all, I really like the concept. You have a real knack for taking a theme that lots of people can identify with and turning into a song.

2) super job on the hooks. I probably sound like a broken record, but the people who play live seem to consistently add hooks to their songs. You incorporated the recurring passages that made the song "familiar" right away. To me, that is one of the most important yet perhaps the most commonly overlooked parts of a song

3) and the time you spent doctoring the sax paid off. Sounded perfectly natural and just right for the song

4) I am intrigued by the subtle differences between the ways you and ROG approach the same song, and I can't wait to hear his version. I also think it's flattering to you that he picks your songs to cover.

5) having said all that, my final observation is that I'm glad I don't have a barn.... because if I did, I'd probably go out behind it and shoot myself after listening to just about any of your songs. You have a way of zeroing in on life's disappointments. But, seriously, good song writing depends on the writer's ability to put identifiable emotion to music.

all in all, I really like this song. You're a talented guy Eddie! Good job!

on a different note: You may have already said who your band is paying tribute to, but I missed it. Who?