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Pat: I thought your scenarios was very well done and very funny. You are a keen observer of folks' style. I never can hear the Neil Young connection, but since many folks say it, it must be so.

I only said it because its been said before. The depth of your presentation is bigger than that... but I gotta find SOME foothold on which to comment.

I always try and sound "modern", but I am afraid that I sound like 70's music because that is what I was "imprinted" with!! I guess the only way to get away from that is to co-write with young whippersnappers!

NOOOOOooooo! Don't change! what I like about your stuff is that it appeals to my idea of what a good song should sound like (which idea was formed in the 70s, but song characteristics today still have many of the same elements)

casual observation about anything tends to be like snapshots... they capture one moment in a fluid progression and freeze it that way... which can create the false impression that the single frame is the full summary of the subject

I hope it is obvious to everyone that I see far more to all of your styles than the snapshot I portrayed for the sake of caricature. Caricature purposefully exaggerates and oversimplifies its subject in order to make something complex seem simpler and more understandable

I'm certainly not poking fun... it's more my way of expressing my admiration for the ability of y'all to create a recognizeable style. I envy that since I don't have one yet.