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Pity that it arrived at the start of a holiday week and in the middle of the exam period, but we'll get onto it pretty soon.

Hey, damn those exams. There's music to be made. grin

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I love Eddie's songs, particularly his lyrics, which I believe are part gift and part due to an interesting life. He suggested it couldn't hurt for me to get divorced a few times to collect material for this type of song!

Interesting is a quite polite way to say it. If you only knew....

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One of these days, one of us is going to have to get on a plane.

It'll likely be you.... I am so poor they won't even let me browse the airline web pages.

I am equally eager to hear what that amazing group of vocalists he has will do with this song. I have taken the songs that my British pals have worked on and put them side by side with the original versions, and the dozen or so people who have reviewed them all said the same thing, which is pretty close to the suggestion that I duct tape my mouth shut and let them sing my stuff.
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