Song title " Rattlesnakes And Roadrunners" Progressive Country is what I call my style. I love love classic country, but my roots are Prog Rock (Canadian LOL!!) my style is always a bit of a cross-pollination.
** Guitar driven instrumental, possibly the least favorite type of music on a forum like this LOL! **

New CD due out August. This is just a demo clip recorded with one Tele. Sometimes 'demos' take on a life of their own! LOL!!

Yes, I do sing, but not on this track. This is instrumental demo version.
Once the album tracks are done, I cant post here because I wont be using 'Real Tracks'. LOL!

Real Tracks: Oh Goodness. Utterly Fantastic and indispensable writing tools. I am grateful. Honestly these were so cut/pasted, tweaked, stretched, enhanced, multed etc I have no idea what is left of the original ideas. This is what my original 'idea' song says.

Main Drums RealDrums in Song: PopAmericanEv^1-a:SdStkHB, b:SNHB
Fiddle RealTracks in song: 2032:Fiddle, Soloist CountryAndy Ev 165
Banjo RealTracks in song: 623:Banjo, Background Backporch Ev 098

All other tracks recorded here.

All of the 'Real Tracks' are currently being redone by...well, 'Actual Real Tracks' LOL!

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy!