A song about the 4th Virginia, a brigade that fought from the first battle of the Civil War ("War of Southern Secession / “War of Northern Aggression”) until the last. The war started in Wilmer McLean's front yard, and ended in his parlor.

All RT's, except for a bit of harp.





Wilmer's Farm

©2013 Robert Randall Burke

I left Johnnie at Manassas
Where the Yankees cut him down
He just lay there starin' at the sky
Never made a sound
I promised his Mama
I'd keep him safe from harm
Then I left my best friend
On Wilmer's farm.

Jubal fell at Chancellorsville
When we had 'em on the run
Turned eighteen the day before
His life had just begun
I tried my best to comfort him
Just kept askin' me
“Why... the old men send the young men out to die.”

The glory has all faded
The Cause has lost it's charm
And hell begins and ends
On Wilmer's Farm

The band was playin' Dixie
When we all marched off to war
Nobody could ever know
The hell that was in store
The girls were all cheerin'
The old men filled with pride
But none were there
The day that Dixie died.

God save the 4th Virginia
God save Jackson too
God save the boys
Who never made it through
God save the boys
Who never made it through

Title: Wilmer's Farm
File:Wilmer's Farm.SGU
Key=C , Tempo 85, Length (m:s)=3:57
No intro. 80 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 80. Repeat x1 chorus
No Melody
No Soloist track.
Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Style is _MANPMGA.STY (PopCountry Ballad Mandolin[75RS])

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RealTracks in style: 1839:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm PopModernGrooveA-B Ev16 075
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RealDrums in style: PopModernGrooveSync16^1-a:Snare on 4, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride