A lot of hobbyist New Age productions don't sound good because they are using all MIDI, and they haven't invested in a reasonably good synth.
When I lucked out on a great
price for the Sonar X2 Producer, got Dimension Pro and also
Rapture. Both with excellent voicing. For better pianos
Purchased the Dim Pro Grand piano Pak Vol 1. It also had
a lot of other excellent voicing, including a very good
choir. Rapture is more towards modern music, but with the
Films and soundtrack Pak also purchased gives me more good

You cannot beat realtracks, discounting having 6 folks at my
beck and call. Try to use them as much as possible.

Pat I audition a style with extreme variance in the tempo's,
sometimes pushing them a bit. Also work with similar midi
style instrument with Dim Pro. Have settled in on about a dozen
good ones so far.

Next I would new the screen, remembering the melody type with
the demo. Having sources of excellent chords, enter progressions.
then start the work of nailing down the right sounds.

Sometimes use melodist for core of the action. Modifying quite a
bit the chord results.
Did you play any or all of that? Or is it generated by the style? Either way it sounds good to my ear.
First that is
a compliment to my arrangements, thanks. Yes I do play PSR-3000
keyboard, but limited abilities. On my current journey am not
using it at all. There is a magic work with PG Music products
called rendering. not LOL Its like having a fantastic miracle
right at our finger tips. This ruined me for using the board.
Same as Yamaha arranger keyboard ruined me in learning more
chords in different keys. 12 semitone tranposes.

I am pretty much an upbeat person, thru these many years, but
have a listening weakness. Melancholy music. Amazing Grace
has such a beauty to it. Some amount of the celtic, and
all its families has this type of music. A real beauty to it,
like Enya's, Lynn Morrison, and plethora of other great singers.

Again thanks, lot more to this, but showcase...

Down The Street vs2015 12-03-2014
Win7, AMD QuadA8-5500,16GB,2TeraHD, Komplete 10
PG Ultra Plus 2016,Alesis 12USB, Sonar Platinum