Its about 106 right now and few more degrees before day is out.


Glad you enjoyed the efforts.

Thank you.


Made special arrangments with Andy regarding the artwork use.
My rule, not his, but wanted the music to reflect and fit his talent.
Very nice compliments.



After listening and watching some of your videos and music
your right up there. Your compliments are appreciated.

Thank you.

Janice & Bud,

The music is very different, and meant to be.
I could envision a "Ken Burns" effect on the graphic.
Making arrangements with the artist, did get permission
to make a type of change, but on next piece. It will be subtle,
but there. Spent time this morning to finally learn its trick.

Sharing part has been more than surprise to me!
Both of you have broken into a lot of genre bending music.
With great success.


Down The Street vs2015 12-03-2014
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