Thought this might hit a little key interest!

****** Music Summary *************
Title: Dreams Of You

Key=F , Tempo 60, Length (m:s)=4:40
4 bar intro, 64 bar chorus, from bar 5 to bar 68. Repeat x1 chorus
Music is saved with bar changes for Volume Changes,
Style is _BALADE.STY (Ctry Ballad w/ el. guit (85 RS))
RealTracks in style: 366:Bass, Electric, Country Ev 065
RealTracks in style: ~364:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 065
RealTracks in style: ~368:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 065
RealTracks in style: ~367:Guitar, Electric, Background Dreamy Ev 065
RealDrums in style: NashvilleEven16^5-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride
MIDI melody track is Dimension Pro Grand Piano Pak 1 "Choirista"
MIDI solo track is Rapture FilmScorePak Viola's ensemble
In BIAB did use Sonitus Reverb on few voices.
Rendered in BIAB to wav files.
Loaded RB and moved each wav file into it.
Used PG dynamics default with gain of 2
Used Sonitus Multiband with preset of Medium compression.
Used Mstereo expander with full preset.
Used KMeter for monitoring and setups. Especially nice for maintaining
bout -12db settings.
The music is 4:40 mins with bout 10 meg download.

Not sure of genre.

Comments welcome!
Hope some of you enjoy this "different" music.

BTW, once thru this will create a video and put up on YT.
Done Deal, note signature.

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