We used to perform this tune with our bluegrass band and later recorded a blues version with a great harmonica player friend. This week we decided to put together a Western Swing version. Our goal was to mimic the 1930‘s sound of Bob Will’s and the Texas Playboys. To get his strong, steady, consistent rhythm section we used a very basic drum track, a comping guitar and a “chopping” mandolin. Janice’s “shout outs” on the solos are a tribute to Bob who constantly talked to his band during performances. I also tried to approximate his tags by piecing together Realtrack bars that play in unison for the short tag. I tweaked the lyrics and wrote some new lines to make it from the gal perspective.

Hey, “If it ain’t got that swing it don’t mean a thing!”

NOTE: "Sitting" is in the Public Domain thus we own all rights to this version. It's an old war horse that has been performed by countless, folk, bluegrass, blues, country, pop and rock bands over the decades. You could spend a long time reading all the versions to the lyrics. I suppose the popularity is driven by the cool melody and that it is royalty free.

Bass: RT 399 Jazz 4's only with simple option
Drums: N'ville Swing 8's
Fiddles: Composite of multiple generations of RT's 1296 and 1871 Western Swing
Dobro: Composite of multiple generations of RT 1868 Western Swing
Piano: Composite of multiple generations of RT 1866 Western Swing
Guitar: RT 558 “4 to the bar”
Mandolin: Composite of RT’s 1862 Western Swing and 611 Country

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