Been working with my new piano....LOL. Piano synth.
The demo track for style M_BZ128P is outstanding blues.
To my ears anyway...

Welllll, and say this with great pleasure.
"New Button" for page, pretty much wipes out everything.

Welllll, tried this and was amazed.
I highlighted then deleted the screen contents.
Then I entered the blues chords wanted to.
And Ya know what, the really cool harmony was
automatically built into the music. Complex stuff,
5 simultaneous notes or even more, did not look that far.
Both clef's.

The only FX is the normalize within BIAB render. Nothing else.

Wanted to share this "nifty" feature.
But also want some serious comments.
Is the music sounding pretty good?
My ears are better than 3 years
ago but the nuances of lot of music do not know..

Also what is the real "Cause" of this nifty operation?

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