I use the melodist but not the soloist in creating certain types of songs. This works fairly well on jazz stylings.

On country, I prefer to "roll my own."

I can understand wanting to use midi so you have access to using other synths..... however, I really do prefer using the real tracks in Real Band to render the music.

The main reason is that the midi tracks sound like midi.... pretty stiff sounding when compared to a live player..... bass and drums being a possible exception. Real tracks in Real Band have that human feel to them and have fooled many players who have heard my tunes. I always have people asking me, who is playing the piano or the steel or the fiddle. I had one guy who runs a studio for a living, and has really sharp ears, ask me about the fiddle in one of the songs I posted in another forum..... his comment was about the articulation and he stated that he could "hear the rosin on the bow" in the music...... it was that "real" sounding.

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