BIAB is not a DAW. It never was and is not intended to be. After a lengthy discussion on these forums some time back the consensus was that BIAB is an instrument. It does some amazing things, but there are some things it isn't intended to do. There are often calls to to combine BIAB with Real Band (RB); I am fairly certain that this is not possible.

RB was created as a complement to BIAB, incorporating some of its features (notably the ability to create MIDI and Real Tracks parts from user-inputted chord charts), adding some unique ones (the ability to import tracks directly from BIAB, e.g.), yet having the functionality of a true DAW. You will discover that RB has its own subtle limitations, hence the mention of other programs to complete your projects.

The combination of the two programs is intended to potentiate or maximize the capabilities of each. Perhaps this is the answer you are looking for.


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