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BIAB for android is something I would vote for before a GUI cosmetic change. BIAB takes up about 60 GBs on my laptop, 45 GBs of that are Real Tracks. Given how much memory you can use on tablets, (capacity keeps going up), BIAB plus a few favorite Real Tracks would be great for tablet users. Later, Ray

Problem (HUGE) with Android Ray, is the audio latencies for music apps is terrible, and it STILL has no core midi support. It is really a pretty useless platform for music (apart from straight playback or pre-recorded audio).


edit - PS: I have removed quite a few of the RealTracks data (no need for drums it is only about 4 gig) that I never use, like pianos, brass, strings etc. I have the total space used by RealTracks down to approx 20 Gig. It all still works fine. All you get is a yellow message saying a part cannot be loaded. But the other parts all generate and play fine.

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