Wow! This is such a warm welcome from my Forum buds! Hi
Guenter and thank you for your comments.

Ryszard, my man - congratulations!! My Polish colleague told me to tell you this, "Gratulujemy ślub. Żyj długo i prosperować!"

Hey Floyd - hope you had a productive summer and thanks. The answer to the main question is coming up.

Mac - I hear you're a man not inclined to dispense complements lightly. Thank you.

Pat-the-cat-with-the-black-hat! Hey man, good to hear encouraging words from you. Hope you've been well.

CubanPete - I've been enjoying your music ever since I joined the Forum. And here's the answer to that question:


I get the impression that you liked them so you'll be hearing more on the next post.

Hi Dani - I've missed you too. I hope summer in Finland was better than the crummy weather we had in the northeast US. I went off to my little shack on the beach but the sun wouldn't cooperate. And I see that you've discovered the key to eternal youth! Why didn't I think of that?

It's good to be back!

Aleck Rand (aka Dean Clark)