Janice has been wanting to record a honky tonk country tune for quite a while. We thought about doing a cover but decided to see if we could write our own. For the uninitiated, the father of the genre is Ernest Tubb who recorded the classic “Walking The Floor Over You” in the 40’s. The songs featured prominent bass, drums and some of the first country electric guitar -- all to cut through the din for the dance beat.

In the south honky tonks were usually small clapboard or cinder block buildings with cheap beer/wine, a jukebox (and the occasional band), sawdust on the floor to facilitate dancing, a pool table, lots of neon and a working class clientele who knew how to party. Good history here:

When I was in undergrad school in the late 60’s I used to head to the outskirts of town where a honky tonk lay just across the county line. I’d have a draft, watch the locals two step and clear out the head after a tedious day . Yeah man, I was listening to the Grateful Dead and Ernest Tubb then!

A few weeks ago while Janice and I were mountain biking I thought of that old place and the “outskirts of town” became the “outskirts of fun....”

A big thanks to Floyd Jane for the harmony and comments are welcome -- even if old school country ain't to your liking.

Lead Vocal: Janice via Rodes mic and Blue Icicle USB interface
Harmony Vocal: Floyd Jane
Mixing: GarageBand interfaced with BIAB
Bass: RT 1848 composite of multiple regenerations
Drums: RD N’ville swing
Guitar R: 964
Guitar R: 959
Guitar L: 1279 composite of multiple regenerations
Steel R: 612
Steel L: 1504 composite of multiple regenerations
Piano R: 1855
Fiddle R:1114 composite of multiple regenerations

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