1st thought: "absolutely charming"

2nd thought: how much of the speech cadence did you need to change in order to make it fit the song? It sounds quite natural

3rd thought: life isn't fair. Why do you get all of these amazingly creative ideas, and I don't get ANY??

4th thought: I'd guess you used melodyne to give melody to the voice, but children's voices are so melodic to begin with, this does not sound contrived to my ears at all! I can almost imagine that you hid a recording device in the room and captured a real performance.

5th thought: like a masterful quilt made from sewing together different pieces of unrelated fabric, your productions seem to share a common theme of bringing unrelated elements together in order to make something completely new from the elements. You are REALLY GOOD at it !

6th thought: You should approach advertising agencies with some of your work... all of it is attention getting in a very good way, and that's what advertising is all about. Your work is too good to settle for posting it on an internet forum

7th thought: my test of creative excellence is to ask "how easy would it be to reproduce this?" I marvel at gymnastics exhibitions, because what they do is so far beyond anything I could ever do myself... I couldn't even muster a feeble imitation. And the same is true for all of your compositions. Even though you use BIAB elements that I have at my disposal, the compositional creativity takes your final productions to a place I've never even imagined, let alone seen.