Yellow Flower

Janice’s brother, a fine rock guitarist and singer, wrote this song during the late 60's when his little sister was in middle school. Then about 15 years ago I recorded a version of it with the two of them and the great fiddler and multi-instrumentalist Randy Howard. We thought it might be fun to do a BIAB version and see what we could come up with. Her brother gave us a carte blanche on whatever style we wanted which was good as I didn’t want to do something up front he would not be comfortable with.

Given the sort of hippy vibe that the lyric has we decided to see what RT’s might give that feel. So....we had to dig through a lot of genres. I wanted a flute and was surprised to see that there is only one flute RT and it is a Bossa track -- what the heck. I cut and spliced it many times and perhaps it works to your ear. The title Yellow Flower made me think of the southwest so I threw in an accordion -- sorta TexMex like. Then we found some Latin percussion that we thought might help...You know, dancers twirling through the meadow stuff at a pop festival. Anyhow we stirred the pot, this is what we got and it may or may not work but it was fun. Thanks for tuning in.

RTs: Bass 684, Accordion 1752, Flute 704, Guitars 509/896 & Drums 68
Vocal: Janice via Rode NT1 mic interfaced to IMac with Blue Icicle and mixed in GB.

Edited by Janice & Bud (10/25/13 07:25 AM)