An old-fashioned and traditional Christmas Carol.

For those in the USA and elsewhere – the tune for this is the UK one, composed by William J. Kirkpatrick and originally called “Cradle Song”. I believe that the USA, and probably elsewhere too uses a different tune for it - “Mueller” by James R. Murray. Both of these tunes are more than 100 years old.
At the end I got carried away and changed a few chords – blame Aleck - I hope you think they work OK.
Thoroughly old-fashioned BIAB too – a Cakewalk mix of midi BIAB files - ^CHURCH to get me the pipe organ, HRPORK44 for the Harp and Orchestra and BRASS_44 for the – er – Brass.
(I really cannot get RB to do a composite mix of anything from BIAB. Its got to be me not doing it right but I find it too clunky or actually impossible to do or perhaps I'm just so used to my old (2004) DAW – Cakewalk GTPro2. So I import everything as individual wav files and mix in there.)
The guitar is my Brason Strat, as usual.
Val and I would like to wish everyone the very best of Health and Happiness this Christmas time and for the New Year. May 2014 bring Peace to the World.
Best regards
Ian and Val
Old Guys Rule.The older I get,the better I was!
BB2020 Ultra,713, RB3, Win10


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