This is my first post here.

This is a guitar and sax instrumental I wrote last year. The genre is a bit elusive...somewhere between Pop Rock and Pop Jazz. What would you call it? It needs a new name but nothing jumps out at me yet.

I was listening to some old Michael Jackson stuff and this kinda stuck in my head afterwards. I'm thinking it's the type of song he might have done had I written a lyric for it (which I haven't). I hear it as elements of the Michael Jackson style with some Sade influence.

Just a note to everyone. I have Focal Dystonia and It makes typing very difficult. It hasn't affected my guitar playing substantially but that's just around the corner, they tell me. Anyway, if you see a bunch of typos in my posts, that's why.

Thanks for any listens and comments. I'll be listening to some of you.

Al David

(Nope, not related to Craig David, Larry David or Hal David!)

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