Introducing a note and finger tracker feature into the guitar tablature and guitar fretboard image on screen would really be an excellent feature on all the pgmusic apps.

This would let me see the note I am playing by displaying the note as music notation and on an animated fretboard. I'll be able to correct the note I am playing quickly and learn to read music fast!

I would like to see the notes I play (lead riffs, melodies etc) presented real-time
on the tablature and also the fretboard as I play along with the track.

The feedback notes can be picked up by the mic input of the computer. There are some guitar games out there that use this concept quite successfully.

Also added to this feature include an auto stop function that stops the track
and resumes only once the correct note has been played. This would definitely
make learning lead parts and melodies easier and much faster. Please would
you consider this feature ?

It would seem with the current line up of pgmusic products, this would be quite easily implemented

Edited by ancarte (12/31/13 05:40 AM)