How cool! Thanks for taking BIAB in a new direction! DooWop is one of the lost genres of RnR.

You are right about the "tribute" bands out there. It was like that even 30 years ago when I would tour with them. But, then the unwritten rule was the band had to have at least one original member before they would be added to the bill at a Nadar's Rock n Roll Revival back then. They were a ton of fun in addition to playing the music, it was great to meet the guys behind the mics like Cousin Brucie and Don K Reed.

You have to figure doowop is 60 years old. That would make many of the guys today in their mid 70's at the minimum. Not too many have kept their chops that long. That is the nice thing about playing an instrument. I suppose this is where we players that used to get their early to set up and stay late to break down can still do what we do.

Keep pulling out the nostalgic sounds!