Great to hear from you. Yeh, I do remember the "one man rule" and your mention of Cousin Brucie - I can still hear that jingle: "Seventy seven, WABC" and Brucie would play something like Blue Moon (Ba ba ba ba ... dingy dong ding Blooo Moooonnn) - Wow, you bopped some nostalgic nerves right there.

Here's another thing I wonder about: How did the Platters -> FourTops/Temps/Motown -> Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes/Philly Soul (with The Mighty James and Pickett riding the entire train) evolve into .. -> Rap? Is there a missing link that just passed me by without notice?

Regardless, I'm glad there are some folks out there who appreciate this great stuff. I miss a lot of things and that's one of them. The next one I do will be what I consider to be the greatest of the great from 1959 (shoo-bop shoo-bop). That one's gonna take a while.