Thanks so much Al & Di! You have keen ears and I agree with what you say... I think, the biggest mistake I made was adding reverb here in there within BIAB, then when I brought the track into my DAW (I use Sonar PE), I messed more with the mix.

Yvonne sent me a dry vocal track. I do believe, that's the main issue. I tried to apply EQ to her vocal track to an already EQ'd instrumental arrangement. It should have been the other way around. Or, as you say, I could have adjusted more accurately in BIAB and go from there. Anyway, you have given some MORE useful information to me!!! smile Thanks for that, but most of all, thanks for liking our tune. Makes us happy! smile

I'll take all this info and will apply it. I'm sure, the result will be a great improvement smile Thanks again!

I am familiar with the areas in Germany where you lived. Super nice!!! Sprechen Sie noch Deutsch? smile

Anyway, appreciate the kind comments and you fantastic input! smile

Alles Gute und

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