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That snare is bugging me. it stands out from the rest of the mix a bit too much. I like it, but it's a few db too loud.

Difficult one as it will sound differnt on other speakers. I've noticed that if my songs are played on speakers lacking bass they tend to sound tinny. I'm trying to go for a "live" sound and I do like nice clear drums. Thats why I bought EZdrummer because the drums in BIAB (to me) sound washed out alot of the time (lacking realistic sound), especially on drum fills as the cymbols can sound "compressed" plus I like having more control over drum styles, fills and endings.

I was listening to couple of my songs in the car the other day and thought the bass was too heavy on them despite mixing on KRK monitors. I think I need to add some kind of hi pass filter to cut out some of the low bass frequencies. Point taken though I doubt I have mixed them for the final time. Thanks for your comment, appreciated.

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