Hi PG music community. Here is another song that came right "out of the box". I was inspired by the players (I believe it's called STONZEY, honky-tonk or something very close to that). Loved the groovin' guitars and went with it. A friend played live bass and I put some MIDI piano. Any comments appreciated. Take care. Greg



When Bridgette wears them high heels, she’s got legs about a half-mile long
And it’s hard not to stare when she moves to her favorite song
And Jenny’s got that sexy smile that’ll freeze you where you stand
She’s like a long cool glass of water on the desert sand

Still I’m bettin’ that I won’t be lettin’ ‘em change my point of view
Every day it’s clearer what keeps me nearer to you

It’s the way you rock me baby, keeps my mind on you
It’s the way you do those things only you can do
It’s the way you rock me baby, makes me tingle down to my toes
If there’s anything better than this…..Heaven only knows

For centuries man has pondered the nature of true love
Is it celestial magic or as simple as a hand and glove

I’m not spinnin’ my wheels about sinnin’, if it feels good it can’t be bad
My love’s still thrivin’, you’re love’s still drivin’ me mad

It’s the way……