I composed The Land of Pop And Glory for the national anthem of an imaginary place called Popland. It worked so well with the violin playing the melody so I decided to release it as an instrumental version. Maybe the melody doesn't sound very original, but it is on purpose - to sound like a "classical" smile

The Land Of Pop And Glory

I have recorded only the melody, other instruments are generated by BIAB. MIDI instruments are from classical styles Mozart, orchestral Bach and orchestral 8ths played through Garritan's GPO.
RealTracks: string quartet (instruments separately 1856, 2336, 2337, 2338), acoustic guitar (1677), acoustic piano (2264), bass synth (1739), fiddle (618), synth (2310). RealDrums TechnoHarp.

Song mixed in Adobe Audition CC with effects reverb, EQ, compressor, master, chorus and stereo expander.
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