I'm not 100% sure if I have posted this here before or not.

It's a tune that was written back in 2009. Long story behind it, but it was written for a local crisis pregnancy center to use in their marketing and fundraising.

The singer was, at the time 16 years old and I had no clue that she could sing. She was a good friend of my daughters. The child singer towards the end is my niece who was 7 at the time.

Give Me A Chance

Tracks are:

Cassie: lead vox recorded in my studio
Sydney: vox in ending recorded in my studio
Drums: Nashville 8 real track
Bass: real track
Acoustic strum & finger pick: real track
Electric: real track clean dreamy
Strings: Alchemy pad patch
Choir: Kontakt female choir voices
Mandolin: me playing live recorded in my studio
Piano: RT 2045 solo-acomp country pop (new track to the mix)
Dobro: RT 2169 reso- country rob

fiddle and steel were removed from the original mix on this version. The older RT's did not have numbers on them. There are 7 vox tracks but not all of them are used all the time.

Hope you enjoy this remix.

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