Well I'm on a roll this month. Just To Get Back To You Chicago/Dixieland swing tune, using RT of course. Somewhat different format for me but I'm experimenting. If there are any Dixieland music purist out there, your thoughts please. Dixieland Medley: Teddy Trio with Miles, Neil and Clark rhythm, Trumpet, clarinet and trombone:


I'm rocking through the east side
Rolling through the west side
I'm walking on the wild side
Just To Get Back To You.
I'm chillin' through the north side,
Sunning on the south side
I'm traveling on the light side
Just to prove I'm true.
No matter what direction
Who cares what route I take
As long as your sweet lovin'
directs every step I make
I'm struttin' on the high side,
with no detour in view.
I'm looking on the bright side
Just To Get Back To You.

COPYRIGHT © Carolyne Swayze 2014
BMI License #: Pending

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