hi guys thanks for taking time to listen and feed back eric https://soundcloud.com/f-m-m/never-alone tyle is =UKCRNCH.STY (RokHrdLA RD w Thrash Guit (85RT))
DrumsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
Style MIDI Instruments are : Slow Strings (50),
RealTracks in style: ~387:Bass, Electric, Metal Ev 085
MIDI SuperTracks in song: 1801:Synth Pad, PopShiningSoft Ev 120
RealTracks in style: 639:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm HardRockThrash Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 642:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm HardRockThrashHollow Ev 085
RealTracks in song: 1879:Fiddle, Soloist CountryRob Ev 120
RealDrums in style: RockHardLA^7-a:Snare, Bell Ride , b:Snare, Crash Ride
AMD (TM) 8150 3.60 GHz Eight Core Processor 64 bit windows 10 pro 64 bit os. sound card delta 1010 pci card 500 ssd drive 3 other drives guitars 1968 les Paul Custom and Cavin ae 185 Guitar boss Gt-100 pedal Carvin SRS Studio reference series