Hey all. Been quite awhile since I've posted - been going through a bit of a dry spell I guess. Nonetheless, I caught some inspiration recently via a Hugh Laurie (yeah, that guy) rendition of an old Jazz standard - St. James Infirmary. The particular performance was captured in New Orleans and had a beautiful slack feel to it.

So, here's my RB take on the same general progression:

Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact

8 Tracks 77BPM - 4:37
RB Style: _J085GTB - Hoagy Jazz Ballad Quartet(85 RS)
RD: JazzModernTerryClarke^6-Cycling
RT481: Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT749: Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accomp Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT487: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT490: Sax, Alto, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT492: Trombone, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT494: Trumpet, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT2290: Horn Section, Rhythm SlowPop Ev16 065