Hi Folks,

Well, it comes a little early this year, but my summer sabbatical starts with this final post.

The User Tracks Contest got by me somehow and I'm gonna get started creating some.

It's been about 20 years since I did any web design and, evidently, things have changed massively. Our good Forum friends Noel96 and Ian Plante (aka sixchannel) were very helpful in bringing this to my attention. A lot of catching up to do.

And, have you ever seen a User's Manual with such a clever, maze-like design that, for any question, all attempts to follow a path to the answer lead back to the question? Well, I purchased a Hammond SK-1, a 16 pound B3-in-a-breadbox. It appears to be more complicated to operate than the space shuttle. My keyboard chops are suffering and I've just described the manual. This needs attention.

The present tune, considered "revolutionary" when John Coltrane first played Giant Steps, is now a standard torture device for all those in Jazz Studies: Learn it in all 12 keys at 300 bpm. OK, I cheat a little here and poke along at 280.

I don't know if Coltrane was aware of it, but a formal analysis of the harmonic structure shows that a third 4-bar chorus, not present in the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr0Tfng9SP0, follows logically from the first two 4 bar-choruses. This "missing chorus" is included in

GIGANTIC STEPS https://soundcloud.com/aleckrand/gigantic-steps-coltranes-missing-chorus

Style: MilesDFastJazz.sty
RealBass and RealDrums

Later, everyone. Enjoy the summer.
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