Several folks have asked why we haven't posted any new songs with Di singing or why she has sung harmony with me on some of my vocals. She has a serious respiratory condition and may not be able to sing for quite a while. It's depressing to her ... and leaves you folks having to listen to me or a bunch of instruments for a while. That alone should give you good reason to hope she's back sooner rather than later ...HA!

Also, have a question for you folks. We have a number of songs with backgrounds tracks created on software other than BIAB. But we added some BAIB strings to some of them ... nothing else, just strings. Does that make them acceptable to post here, or is that to minimal of an association with BIAB? Don't want to break the rules. Thanks in advance.

Best to everyone. Oh, also, today is our first anniversary!!!!! We got married a year ago today ... now the neighbors have nothing to talk about!

Al - Di says hello!

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