Excellent production Mr. Gaynor. I especially thought the vocal processing was good. Effects are very subjective and an often referenced area of a production as their influence affects listeners interpretation greatly. Some may be distracted by the amount of reverb or delay applied finding it to make the vocal harsh or taken too far back in a mix or may be distracted by using a cathedral reverb vocal in a otherwise close, intimate song. To my ears in this mix, the vocals were pleasing and well-placed in the mix and the effects were just right for the vocal performance of this cover song. Good luck with Cheryl's Challenge. This should be a good bet for a high placement.

+1 to your compliment to JosieC writing skills and performances. I have not taken the opportunity to ever visit SJ but I am completely blown away from each and every one of her performances I have had the pleasure to hear.

I am a very poor performer and have found that using BIAB to create covers, Karaoke versions and backing tracks for my band's performances or other performers has been a great learning tool and accelerated my comprehension and skill with BIAB. The intricacies of the BIAB software and the time taken to make cover tracks result in far superior quality over the one shot, quick productions of my original performances I've posted here on the forum. I have spent from hours, to weeks, to months creating realistic, accurate and authentic covers with BIAB but then conversely, I do very little editing (too little, too often actually) in my originals.

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