It's been a while since I've shared anything I've done with BIAB and collaborations that enhance the overall experience... I'll be posting just a few, no worries smile I'll appreciate any comments and will happily return them on your music, if you point me to it.

This first one was done entirely with BIAB RTs & Rds ... the lovely Yvonne J supplied the lyrics and vocals to this smoothy of a Jazz song.


Smooth Jazz Ev16 Ballad style with RealTracks, featuring:

<Piano, Electric, Rhythm SmoothBallad Ev16 065>
<Bass, Electric, SmoothBallad Ev16 065>
<SmoothJazzBallad^3-XSHH,XStRide> RealDrums
Yvonne J = vocals & lyrics

Link to song:

You Are The One]

Thanks for your listening and commenting in advance smile

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