I found another one of those Remix Contests this week... seems most people submit Rave/Club type entries - not my cup-o-tea honestly. So, for this one I tried to work up a bit of that famous Muscle Shoals sound - I don't think I got there but it is a lot different than the original artists track. For your amusement ;-)

Citizens - Made Alive (Shaved Shoals Remix)

Everything except the vocals was done in Real Band;

Trap: RD Blues Rock Even ^1
Bass: RT 909 Elec Blues Pop
Guit: RT 1718 E.Rhythm Texas Blues (Brent)
H-B3: RT 673 Hammond B3 (BB Background)
EPno: RT 2157 Vintage Funky Groove
TSax: RT 403 Tenor Motown 60's...

Well, there you have it... a hot mess in some areas. ;-)

Here's a link to the Original composition for comparison;


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