Thanks for the feedback! I've submitted it as-is. While I don't think the production value is quite the same as the original I'm still amazed every day about how much we can accomplish with just BIAB & RB.

I know lot's of folks are pining for 64-bit DAW's and plug-ins and oodles of memory... I guess I just don't need them for most of what I'm trying to accomplish as a Producer / Arranger. Most of my RB mixes are almost totally dry anyway.

I suppose if I were a better player trying to improve my chops or were looking to PG for Pro-Tools type functionality I'd have a beef. IMO, they have a perfect niche as-is... why complicate a fairly robust tool with bolt-ons most of us will use infrequently, if at all?

Again, thanks for the feedback, yielding the soapbox ;-)