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Wow, that was fun!! Very cool and different rendition. Reminds me of when James Taylor and Carly Simon morphed Mockingbird into a totally different vibe. Very good work! Thanks for sharing. Take care. Greg

Thanks Greg...we're not really breaking new ground here. Bluegrass has a long tradition of taking songs from other genres and making them their own. And southern gospel and bluegrass have a pretty common song list. We appreciate the comments and glad you liked it!

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This song's rocking beat was really popular with the southern Gospel quartets at dinner on the ground all day sings when I was a kid. And Elvis' record of it - my big sister and I wore that album out. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

I really enjoyed everything about your bluegrass version.

Got my feet tapping.

Loved it.


Thanks Josie!! It's very cool to learn that you've listened to this song in the southern gospel permutations. The Blackwood Brothers really rocked it. And if you get a chance check out the Gold Gate Quartet's version on YouTube. Glad you enjoyed it. We had fun putting it together.