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I love Elvis' version of this, he has some competition now, very superbly done in all areas' thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Yep, Elvis lead us back to the Blackwood Bros who lead us back to the Golden Gate Quartet where it all started.

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Wow!But then again, with these three names in the song nothing but a masterpiece is expected, and it sure is!

Mike B.

Thanks Mike -- it was fun!

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Hi, Bud & Janice & Floyd !!:))

I really dig what you´ve
all done here !:))
To say it shortly: Terrific !!!
and....yes I am a II bass !:))
PS: I like gospel music and
I hoped I could do Oh Happy Day
together with some others who also
like it but, the song is in fact
copyrighted ! (sic!)

Thank you Dani -- we'll have to do a quartet some time!

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Janice and Bud...

Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

I am so dang proud to call you both "friend". I love doing music with you guys! It is always interesting, fun and professional in every way.

Y'all are the best!


Thanks a bunch Mr jane -- having you participate is very special indeed!

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B & J& floyd, There is a lot to like here. Janice=great vocal and harmonies. Bud = great arrangement and mix. Also terrific editing on the solos. That can be very time consuming. floyd=great bg vocals and mix. Mastering is nice and clean. The banjo sounds especially good here. It is always the loudest in the band. Ain't that right Bud? The ending is fantastic. A super job again by the three of you. Tom

I will +1 Tom's comment and add a big Amen!

Thanks and glad it worked for you!