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Overs & Dones

Rob wrote Overs & Dones on his ukulele. But with real tracks it sounds much better.
A slightly sad song about a broken relationship, hhmm yes I know, his favorite song subject whistle (I recently wrote a song on a totally different subject wink we'll be posting it when the holidays are over).

Style: _banfolk 16th acoustic folk
Used real tracks:
1765 guitar high strung acoustic fingerpick.pop 16th ev 16
2265 synth bellpad rhythm 80s pop melodic ev 085
518 bass electric pop halfnotes ev 085


Overs & Dones

Overs & Dones
getting clearer, nowhere runs
any words left to say,
will no longer come into play

and then I realize
this means so much more than saying,

new lies told today,
seemed never ever too far away
and our license to love,
may not have been given from above

and then I realize,
this must have been our final try

and then I realize,
this must've been our final try
and then I come to find,
this means so much more than saying


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We are Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp from The Netherlands.

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