Brother Billy
This is the second song I have posted on this forum. I will so much appreciate all critiques. I truly value your suggestions to make it a better song and mix. I know a bit about pickin' and singin'. Not so much about this stuff! Heh.

My big brother was a coal miner and a safety man. Years ago I visited him while attending a bluegrass music trade show in Louisville. He squired me around the county and introduced me to all his “old friends”. Some were quite colorful! There was one man they called “Rabbit”. He was an older gentleman who drove around town in a beat up pickup, but he had a brand new F-150 parked in the garage. Odd I thought. Rabbit was the retired secretary of the coal miner’s union. A very important person in the town. He seemed to like my brother. There were others who gave me insight into Billy’s life in those parts. He was clearly well respected.

Recently, I got word that Billy has been moved into a memory care center. He always managed to come out from under ground before, but this appears to be a different kind of cave-in. In the song, I ask “Where are you tonight brother Billy?… Are you way down in the mine?”, a reference to Alzheimer’s. Brother Billy

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