Thanks for tuning in! I bet you have a ton of Bluegrass pickers there in South Carolina. Here by Mt. Shasta in far northern California (way different than LA)it is like the Sahara Desert when it comes to finding BG pickers. That is just one reason I am so happy to have learned about BIAB.

Alan & Di,
Thanks for your very supportive and kind words! I am thrilled to have discovered such a vibrant community concerned with creating better music. You two are clearly leaders in this area. Thank you for that.

I thought you would like this song. Heh. I checked out your Youtube video titled "Her Old Hound Dog Is Sniffing Out Women Again". Buahahah! Hilarious!! This summer I had a student attend my music camp Bluegrass vocal/songwriting sessions during a regional festival. He wanted to work out the harmonies for "Just An Old Dog" by Jim Faddis of Praire Flyer. I never heard the song before but emailed Jim to get his permission to perform and record it. I think you will get a kick out of it too. See: Just An Old Dogon Youtube.
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