Hi guys, don't ask me why the name, I guess that the flute reminded me of some "Pow Wow" Hollywood kind of native American music. So here it is Indian Blues

Specs are:
Style is ZZJAZWAL.STY (Jazz Waltz Style)
Style MIDI Instruments are : Acoustic String Bass (33),
RealTracks in song: 552:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Waltz Sw 140
RealTracks in song: 415:Sax, Tenor, Jazz Sw 140 (Bluesy)
RealTracks in song: 1252:Piano, Acoustic, Soloist JazzMike Sw 140 (Bluesy)
RealDrums in Song: JazzModernTerryClarke^2-a,b:Brushes, HiHat


Mike B.

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