This is the second song which I've done as part of my lessons with ROG.

It's a change from the style of the last one, but the blues is what I really like best. The backing has been kept simple using just piano, guitar, bass and drums. The idea is that it should sound like something in a nightclub from a Bogart movie. I'm playing lead and rhythm guitars, ROG is playing bass, the piano is a MIDI supertrack apart from the bridge which Roger played and the drums are RealDrums. I'm grateful to Andy for coming in and doing such a great job with the vocals.

No one knows you, you're living in a secret world
I try to help you, but nothing ever seems to work
Changes are coming, but I haven't seen them yet
The road may wander, there's people that you still haven't met.

Behind those cold eyes there's another troubled mind
Stare into the distance you never know what you will find
Changes are coming, nothing ever stays the same
Behind that cold smile you're still playing the game

Don't play the fool 'cos, it's not cool 'cos
Underneath we're all the same
Behind the dark eyes, it's no disguise
'Cos you still play the game

I hope there's enough blues fans out there to give it a listen.

Thanks, Nigel.